Green Smart Living, Apollo Cigs and Green Smoke: The Best Flavors Option

As most states have embraced the e-cigarettes with welcome arms, so those who want to enjoy smoking, which is odor free but still has some nicotine in the smoke will go for the e cigarettes with different flavors. Most users of e-cigarettes prefer cigarettes, which come in different flavors. Apart from the rechargeable battery, the flavor is one of the things that users will look for in the cigarettes. While most e-cigarettes companies will offer you basic flavor options, some companies will manufacture their products with different flavors to increase the tastes. Upon review of the e-cigarette, you will find that these awesome also have promo codes with coupon codes, and discounts.

Green Smart Living Flavors Review

One of the advantages of Green Smart Living is that they have many flavor options. Those who have used them say that since they started using the e-cigarettes they have never touched the real cigar. This is because it has many flavors, making it refreshing and satisfying. Apart from having different flavors, it is also realistically priced hence affordable. Since the flavors are unlimited, you will find one that will replace your normal cigars. The green smart living has a promo code that comes with coupon code that allows some discounts that you can make use of. Besides, some companies offer cartridges flavor replacements.

Green Smart Living Coupons: 10% off E-liquid

Apollo Cig Flavors Review

This e-cigarette also comes with so many flavors that you can choose. They come with a rechargeable battery. In addition, the company has made an effort to make them with distinctive flavors. At Apollo, the company knows very well that the flavor is everything, hence they have designed the e- cigarettes indifferent tastes that often stand out among the cigarettes. Moreover, the flavors have been made with the highest qualities in mind. All flavors with tasty food ingredients, a laboratory safe ingredients, and safe nicotine. They are offered with discounts hence the consumers are advised to take advantage of the coupon codes and promo codes to start enjoying these e-cigarettes flavor option.

Apollo Ecig Coupons: 20% off E-liquid

Green Smoke Flavors Review

The green smoke has been said as one that also has a range of flavors that users can enjoy. It has around 8 flavor options with 3 unique tobacco options. They include the red tobacco, the absolute tobacco, and the smooth chocolate. Customers who have tried the green smoke have said their flavor tastes greater than any other flavor they have utilized. For you to enjoy the flavor you should take advantage of the discount and enjoy the smoke at a reduced price. This can be done through the promo codes that have some coupon codes. Although all the flavor options are superb, some reviews from consumers have indicated that the green smoke is the best since it has a variety of flavors.

Green Smoke Coupons: 15% off E-liquid

How To Maximize Your Vaping Experience With Blu Cigs, Halo Cigs and Green Smoke

vapingmother How To Maximize Your Vaping Experience With Blu Cigs, Halo Cigs and Green Smoke

The electronic cigarette industry is growing bigger as we speak. More and more smokers are switching to it and are now experiencing the awesome power of vaping and its many advantages. However, do you know that a huge percentage of vapers can still heighten up their vaping experience if they just know the right way to do it? So if you are one of those people who finds vaping mediocre, don’t quit yet and read these tips. If you are one of those people who are enjoying your vaping experience, then checkout these tips too and know for sure that you are getting maximum satisfaction. Read on.

Choose the Best E-cig Brand

To get the best vaping experience, you should choose the best E-cig brands in the industry. However, a common mistake by people is to choose whatever is cheap and settle for their subpar performance. What they don’t know is that sometimes, cheap isn’t really cheap. Because these cheap brands can give them easily broken parts where they need to buy over and over again. With the top E-cig brands, not only are you getting high quality E-cigarettes, you are also sure to get thick vapor, great flavors, great service etc etc. You can do a research and read E-cig reviews and online forums to find out which ones are the best. As for us, Blu cigs, Halo cigs and Green Smoke clearly standout from the rest.

Take Advantage of E-cig Coupons and Discounts ALWAYS

Don’t worry if you are in a tight budget. You can still get quality E-cig brands in affordable prices using E-cig coupons and discounts. Top E-cig brands usually have them as a token of appreciation for their customers and you should take advantage of it. Savings ranges from 5% up to 50% Here are some that we’ve found at

15% Blu cigs coupons
20% Halo cigs coupons
20% Green smoke coupons

Choose the Right Nicotine Strength

I’ve heard a lot of stories of people quitting E-cigs because the drag is not satisfying enough for them. What they don’t know is that this can be fixed by getting the right nicotine strength. Selecting the right nicotine strength will ensure that each drag is fully satisfying. You should assess yourself on what type of smoker you are. Are you a heavy smoker? Then you probably should choose the strongest nicotine to get a strong hit. If you are an occasional smoker only, then maybe an average strength or a light strength would suit you well and the vapor will not be overwhelming.

Use The Right Puffing Technique

There is indeed a puffing technique to maximize your vaping experience. This can be done by taking slow puffs of about 3-4 seconds each with a few seconds between. If you tend to take more than 10 puffs in a row, rotate your cartridges to allow sufficient liquid to re-saturate the captive wadding and whiskers inside (you’ll get bigger, more satisfying puffs of vapor with each drag).

Take Proper Care and Maintenance For Your Ecigs

It is so important to take care of your E-cigarettes to continuously get a great vaping experience. You can do this by always storing you cartridges and batteries in a clean, safe place such as a carrying case. You should also clean your E-cigarettes by simply wiping a cloth in it before and after using. Other things that you should also keep in mind are to not overcharge your batteries and over refill your cartridges.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes & Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

apollocoupons V2 Electronic Cigarettes & Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette is now very popular device which is used both for fashion purpose, and most importantly to leave tobacco smoking. However, its popularity is increasing day by day. This e-cigs are available with different flavor and different design. Its appealing looks and grand design attracts the customers. Moreover, who are chain smokers or usual tobacco smokers find it very difficult to leave smoking. E-cigs are mainly for them. It is an electronic device which uses vaporizing system to make artificial smoke and flavor. Whatever the usages are, there are some criticism all around. This is for the reason, whether it is really useful or not.

Review of V2 Electronic Cigarette & Apollo Electronic Cigarette

There are thousands of e-cigs brand all over the world. Some are commonly known to all for their grand design and lucrative features. Two that type of e-cigs brands are V2 and Apollo. These two brands are providing some very different features with the outlooks. V2 is a popular brand which is well known for its battery life. It has very consistent and best performance providing battery. Moreover, the similar looks will not give you the options to find out whether it is a real one or not. Its vaporized nicotine will add flavor and smoke to the device. On the other hand, Apollo is another competing brand with all other similar products. It has a very convenient price with its grand design. Its packet and e-cig device makes it more appealing to the customers. In most cases the battery life becomes a main problem. However, you will not experience it in Apollo e-cig device. Moreover, you will get it in almost 5 different and unique flavors. You have to change a holder to change the flavor. In addition, you can recharge the battery through a USB chargers. There is a red light set in the top of the e-cigs which will make it more realistic.

Coupon codes of V2 Electronic Cigarette and Apolloecigs coupon code

Coupon codes are very necessary to attract the customers. It will make the device more convenient to the customer. The convenient price will help those customers who takes tobacco cigarettes. However, depending on the flavor limit or design the discount through coupon codes differs. One more important thing is that the coupon codes validity never expires for e-cigs. Moreover, the coupon codes of e-cigs are very easy to collect. It is available in different popular websites like this apollo ecigs coupon code uk. You can buy the device through internet and can collect the coupon codes form that websites as well. V2 e-cigs allow the customers a $30 discount in per single device. On the other hand, Apollo will grant $15 to $25 in each single buy.


Through some conflicting and controversial actions taken against and for e-cigs its popularity is increasing day by day. Doctors suggests the customers to leave smoking as well as e-cigs as it has no approved beneficial sights. Despite that it can help a lot in leaving real tobacco smoking.

Vapor Couture: E-Cigarettes for Women

2014.01.10 ecigologist 009 Vapor Couture: E Cigarettes for Women

Finding the design of regular e-cigarettes too masculine? You are definitely not alone, which is why V2 Cigs opened up a sister company called Vapor Couture. And it’s gathering a strong following with a lot of ladies raving about it in electronic cigarette review sites and forums

Vapor Couture is the first and only e-cigarette brand that is designed exclusively for women. It makes use of V2 Cigs’ superior technology, but pairing it with elegant designs and stylish accessories. Their unique flavor cartridges can be customized to mix and match any of their e-cig batteries.

Learn more about Vapor Couture
Just like V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture is known for thick vapor production, making it a favorite of women who’ve made the switch. They also fare well on battery life, despite its slim and chic design.

Users claim they can use it for seven hours straight before charging their batteries again. Plus, the battery colors are unlike all the other brands in the industry. They come in deep purple, rose gold, white platinum and brushed platinum.

Vapor Couture Starter Kits

There are five starter kits available at VC including:

· Entrée Kit
Priced at less than $45, the Entrée Kit is best suited for women who are just getting started on e-cig smoking.

· L’Essentiel Kit
Packed with more than just the essentials, the L’Essential Kit comes with 2 VC batteries and 2 packs of flavor cartridges of your choice.

· L’Essentiel + 1 Kit
The L’Essential +1 Kit includes the most popular accessories from VC, along with a Stainless Steel Fluted Charm Necklace to top off your designer kit.

· Passeport Kit
Designed especially for travel, the Passeport Kit comes with all the basics, plus a careful selection of accessories perfectly suited for your upcoming holiday.

Use Promo Codes: Get Discounts for VC Starter Kits

If you’re planning to make the switch to a brand that is more YOU, Vapor Couture is throwing off an exciting offer! All you have to do is use the vapor couture promo code “SUMO15” upon checkout and you get 15% off ANY starter kit. Whether you plan to purchase the Entrée Kit or go all out with the Maximale Kit, getting 15% off is a sweet, sweet deal. This deal is brought to you by There’s many other coupons and discounts that they give away including this really awesome v2 cig coupon.

E-cigarette Advert Banned in Primetime Spots

blucigsads 1024x576 E cigarette Advert Banned in Primetime Spots

The Advertising Standards Authority had recently declared a series of sexually suggestive TV ads to be aired only after 11pm because of its apparent reference to oral sex. More than 100 viewers complained about the VIP Electronic Cigarettes ads, which were shown during “I’m a Celebrity” on ITV.

The first version of the advert shows a woman speaking directly to the camera saying, “I want you to get it out. I want to see it, feel it and hold it. Put it in my mouth. I want to see how great it tastes.” While the second commercial features a man saying, “Do you want to see it? I can get it out if you like.”

The Advertising Standards Authority mandated this ruling because it “acknowledged the complainants’ concerns that the presentation of the ads included implied references to oral sex.” However the ASA rejected complaints that the adverts were “sexist, degrading and exploited women.” The ASA also rejected complaints over an accompanying female voice-over, “If you’re gonna Vape, Vape with VIP”.

Viewers were quick to complain that “vape” was a word play on “rape”, but the manufacturer claimed that ‘vape’ is a common term used to target e-cigarette vapers and tobacco cigarette smokers, who were considering switching to e-cigarettes.

Unlike tobacco products, advertising electronic cigarettes in television is not restricted by law, but EU rules have banned the display of e-cigarettes in-store.

The ASA also admitted that there is currently no specific rule regarding e-cigarette marketing. At the very basic, advertisers just merely have to ensure they do not contain anything likely to be misleading, harmful or offensive.
In order to set ground rules for e-cigarette advertising, a consultation will be launched on potential specific restrictions in the next few weeks. This would be very timely since more and more e-cig manufacturers are going into the route of television marketing to promote their products.

In fact, last week, British American Tobacco announced its foray into the e-cigarette market by launching a TV ad and poster campaign for Vype, its electronic substitute for smoking.

Over the next few months, the TV ad is scheduled to appear more than 300 times in the breaks between shows as diverse as Brit Cops: Zero Tolerance, Mock The Week, and even 24 Hours in A&E. The total campaign is expected to cost BAT several million pounds as it attempts to be top-of-mind.